Tyler Joint Force Battalion

United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps

Who we are:

Founded in 2005, the Tyler Joint Force Battalion was formed as the only US Naval Sea Cadet unit in East Texas. Sea Cadets are aged 13-17 (18, if not yet a high school graduate), while League Cadets are aged 11-12. With the idea of working with youth organizations such as the Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, JROTC, Boy Scouts of America, and others, the Joint Force idea fit naturally. 

 As East Texas is lacking large naval and air bases, the unit is formed in the image of the Navy's famed Construction Battalions, the Seabees. Our Battalion happens to be one of the few units to have our own facility. Monthly drill is typically conducted at the Hood Armory located at 2520 E Commerce in Tyler, Texas.

What to expect:

Cadets attending monthly drill can expect to learn some form of construction, as well as means to defend it. Other topics covered include nutrition and fitness, Navy traditions and etiquette, weapons training, culinary arts, and much more.

Tyler JFB drills one weekend a month, usually the third weekend. Cadets are to arrive in the prescribed attire on Friday evening and are responsible for bringing all additional uniforms and gear. It is preferred the cadet prepares their seabag themselves, not their parents. Cadets sleep on bunks and stay overnight in berthing rooms. Food is provided on site. Bathroom and shower facilities are located at the armory as well.

What else?:

In addition to monthly drill, cadets will also attend Advanced Training (usually over the summer, Spring Break, or Winter Break). The first training is Recruit Training, or Basic/Bootcamp. Recruit Trainings are held all over the country, to include RTC Great Lakes in Illinois. After RT, cadets can choose, as long as the meet the requirements, advanced trainings such as:

Master-at-Arms (military police)

Coast Guard Drug Interdiction


SCUBA Dive School

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)

Petty Officer Leadership Academy

Music School

Honor Guard


Submarine Seminar


Seabee Construction

SEAL Orientation

Marksman School

Medical/EMT Training

Field Operations

And many more.

What the USNSCC does in the long-run:

Cadets will notice a change in themselves over time. The discipline and responsibility necessary to be successful in the program allow them to mature mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Parents will notice the change typically after Recruit Training. It is often the longest a cadet has ever been away from home. Not only do they learn to be independent, but they also acquire skills that can be a pathway to a career. Even if they choose to not join the military (it isn't a requirement), the advanced trainings offer job skills. Once they advance in rank, they learn how to lead. They learn how to manage other peers to accomplish a goal, often translating into supervisor skills in the adult world.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a brilliant program for youth to learn just what it takes to be in the military, without the contractual obligation. It also paves the way for them to be a successful young adult.

I'm in:

 If you or your child would like to join, or are on the fence, please come to a parent/cadet orientation during one of our drill days. There, we can go into detail and allow the prospective cadet to attend the drill to see if they may be interested. Please contact us so we can expect you!

Why us?

While our foundation is in the Navy, the USNSCC offers training from the Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, as well as many local and federal law enforcement agencies.

The core values taught translate across all branches of military, as well as the civilian world.